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The main theme of the Conference is Development and use of Resources. Of course the other main theme is GeoGebra.

The conference starts at 14.00 on Friday October 31th and ends at 14.00 November 2nd.

Plenary speakers

zslotZsolt Lavicza, from the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.

Integrating Technology into K12 School Teaching to Enhance STEM Education in Hungary, abstract


pekkaPekka Peura, Matematiikan oppimisen tulevaisuus, teacher at Martinlaakso High School.

The new design of learning: Computer-based self-assessments in mastery learning,  abstract


Anna-Sofia Preece, teacher at Fria Läroverken in Sweden.

Improving teaching with GeoGebra – a teachers’ perspective, abstract


Screencast plenary

Freyja Hreinsdóttir, Rokas Tamosiunas, Sirje Pihlap, Bjarnheiður Kristinsdóttir, Ilze France, Anete Zaca, Marius Zakarevicius, Marie Utterberg, Thomas Lingefjärd

Learning mathematics through screencast technology and video –presentation of the work of the key-topic group 2013/2014

Special session

Steffen Møllegaard Iversen, Ministry of Education Center of Exams
Tor Espen Kristensen, Norwegian Centre for Mathematics Education
Eveliina Hietakymi, Summamutikka – Resource Centre for Mathematics

Panel: Computerized matriculation examination in Denmark, Norway and Finland