The conference takes place in Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School near Tampere Finland.

14:00 14:10 Opening
Jarkko Tuomennoro
Headmaster of Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School
14:10 15:10 Zsolt Lavicza

Integrating Technology into K12 School Teaching to Enhance STEM Education in Hungary

15:10 15:30 Coffee
15:30 16:30 Screencast Key topic group: Freyja Hreinsdóttir, Rokas Tamosiunas, Sirje Pihlap, Bjarnheiður Kristinsdóttir, Ilze France, Anete Zaca, Marius Zakarevicius, Marie Utterberg, Thomas Lingefjärd

The possibilities of screencast technology

16:40 17:25
Janne Cederberg:
On Bezier curves in 3D workshop
Anete Zača:
Use of GeoGebra in the Development of Inquiry skills in mathematics for Grade 7th
Key topic group
17:25 18:10 Bo Kristensen:
GeoGebra knowledge sharing amongst teachers in Denmark
18:10 19:45 Welcome reception
19:45 20:00 Buses to Tampere
8:30 9:00 Buses from Tampere
09:00 10:00 Pekka Peura

The new design of learning – computer-based self-assessments in mastery learning

10:00 10:30 Coffee
10:30 11:00
Sirje Sild:
How to create a tessellation? workshop
Arne Amdal:
The use of digital tools at exams in Norway
Simon Hempel-Jørgensen:
Programming selfcorrecting exercises for grades 4 to 9 workshop
Meeting of the Screencast group
11:00 11:30 Simo Kivelä:
Problem of Prince Rupert of the Rhine
11:30 12:00 Evija Slokenberga and Ilze France:
How to improve creativity in math using Geogebra?
12:00 13:00 Lunch
13:00 13:45
Susanne Stengrundet: Mathematical modelling workshop
Morten Misfeldt:
Programming and the Learning of mathematics
Key topic group
13:45 14:30 Jonas Hall:
Using templates to create learning objects
14:30 15:00 Coffee
15:00 16:30 Invited panel: Steffen Møllegaard Iversen, Tor Espen Kristensen, Eveliina Hietakymi:

Matriculation Exams in Denmark, Finland and Norway
chair: Mika Setälä

16:45 17:00 Buses to Tampere
19:00 21:00 Dinner at Tammer Hotel
9:15 9:45 Buses from Tampere
10:00 10:15 Coffee
10:15 11:00
Jonas Hall:
GeoGebra tutorial for medium users workshop
Tor Espen Kristensen:
Using GeoGebra to support learning of concepts
Laura Kauppinen & Jussi Kytömäki:
3D in GeoGebra 5 workshop
11:00 11:45 Sirje Pihlap:
GeoGebra Based Study Materials for Pupils with Temporary Learning Difficulties in Mathematics
11:45 12:45 Lunch
12:45 13:45 Anna-Sofia Preece

Improving teaching with GeoGebra – a teachers’ perspective

13:45 14:00 Closing
14:00 Buses to Tampere bus station and Tampere airport